The Bawa Brief Garden Sri Lanka

Basically, the visit of The Garden of Bevis Bawa is not a must. Just when you’re bored, visit him. The house and the garden of Bevis Bawa in Sri Lanka are located in the interior of the country, about 10 kilometers from Aluthgama, Bentota and Induruwa.  The small village is called Kalawila and belongs to Beruwela Sri Lanka. Bevis Bawa was born on 26 April 1909 in Colombo and died on September 18, 1992 in his house in Kalawila.

The founder Bevis Bawa:

He was a landscape gardener, sculptor and painter. In 1929, Bawa began designing the garden. Previously the garden was a rubber plantation. Bawa loved the carefree life (the easy way of life) and liked to have guests in the house.

If you have problems to find the way so you only need to ask local people, all know the Brief Garden of Bevis Bawa. For the entrance ticket you pay 1000 LKR and we find it very exaggerated.

Bawa Brief Garden64

When you are standing in front of the garden, you have to ring the bell at the little door. A man opens the door shortly afterwards (but sometimes the man has no desire to open). He takes the entrance fee and declares that one should turn a round the garden and come to the house of Bevis Bawa . You should choose a sunny day for this excursion, then the colors of the flowers and leaves appears more beautiful. I would like to mention that we have expected much more flowers, misrepresentation. Everything is overgrown with trees and shrubs, you can hardly see beautiful flowers.

Very important for The Bawa Brief Garden Sri Lanka

Do not forget the Mosquito Spray, or these annoying animals will eat you alive. The garden has been visited very quickly. Again and again we see weathered sculptures, which Bawa itself has created. By the way, in the back of the corner stands a small house, the toilet and like that I would really only use this in the extreme emergency (Terrible toilet).

Bawa Brief Garden House

Once you are done with the visit of the Bawa Brief Garden, you go to the house of Bawa, where you get a cup of tea on the terrace. The house is really nice, with many antique furniture. Aart lovers will have their pleasure in it. After the visit, you leave the house and return to the starting point.

Bawa Brief Garden72

Our opinion – not necessarily  “not must do”.
When it rains, you can ring as much as you want, it does not matter. Either because the man who sells the tickets and the door does not want to get wet or because he does not want the tourists to walk through the house with the wet shoes.


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