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Sri Lanka is more famous for the incredibly beautiful tours then for holiday on the beach. Sri Lanka has not so nice beaches then other countries in south Asia.
If you speak with a tourist in Sri Lanka he will definite tell you about his nice experiences.

Sigiriya Tour Sri Lanka
Sigiriya Tour Sri Lanka

The most famous places and tours in Sri Lanka

    • Kandy Tour Sri Lanka
      Kandy is a town in the hills from Sri Lanka. Kandy is the old capital city from Sri Lanka. Now is Kandy famous for the best tea in the world. The town is surrounded with tea plantations. The way with the train to Kandy is famous and we are sure you now the photos from the train in the tea fields.
    • Yala National Park Sri Lanka Tour
      The Yala National Park is in the south east from Sri Lanka. The National Park has many wild animals but a National Park with wild animals is not only in Sri Lanka. So if you have already visited a Park with wild animals the Yala National Park Tour is not a must. The more so every 3rd tourist has visited the Yala National Park.

  • Nuwara Eliya World’s End Tours Sri Lanka Tour
    Nuwara Eliya is famous for hiking in the mountains and the beautiful waterfalls and views.
  • Sigiriya Tour Sri Lanka
    You definitely know the big big orange stone from a photo. This big stone is Sigiriya. On the top of this stone is a rock fortress. There are many steps to the top. (High about 200 meter).
  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Sri Lanka Tour
    Oh my good the baby elephants are so cute. The Elephant Orphanage is located in Pinnawala. If you do the Kandy Tours the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is on the way to Kandy.

There are many other Tours in Sri Lanka. If you look in the internet you will find many nice places.

This things should be considered for tours in Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka is a very cheap country for holiday but the entrance fees for the most places are very expensive!!
  • Don’t book any trips and tours at the beach by the beach boys!! You will pay more then the double price. And you will not get a quality tour.
  • If you book within your travel agency in your country you will also pay the double price or more. Why? The have a lot of marketing costs an the have to make catalogs and travel magazines. All this are costs and the client have to pay.

The best way is to book directly by the tour operator who makes the tours in Sri Lanka. You have no money to pay in advance and if you are not happy you can stop. (might you have to pay 20 USD in advance for a train or entrance ticket. Some tickets you must order 2-3 weeks before, Otherwise they get no place)

If you like you can send a message here direct to a tour operator in Sri Lanka. Write the places and tours you like and how many people you are. You can choose you tours and places and how many days you like. For you own calculation look the distances on Google maps and calculate about 40LKR per Kilometre for the taxi (car max 2 people, or van max 6 people). You can also find the difference entrance fees with Google.

But also the travel tour operator here will send you a Free of charge offer.

Here you can send you request for a tour in Sri Lanka:

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