Sri Lanka Bentota Beach

The Bentota Beach is the most famous beach in Sri Lanka. At the north path of the Bentota Beach are very good and also expensive hotels. At the south part of the Bentota beach are not many hotels and the most of them only middle class. The beach is very wide. The breach is about 5 Kilometres long and the most of the time you can not see much people at the beach? The beach area is public. So there are some beach dealers. The beach vendors are bothersome. They try to sell everything. Be carefully!

Sri Lanka Sex tourism

They also try to sell drugs, young boys and girls for sex on the beach. The young boys sell oneself since many years. Also sex tourism is very famous. Many women go to Sri Lanka for sex and love.

The most of the tourists at the north path of the Bentota Beach avoid the beach. The are only in the hotels behind the fence. The go only for short time to the beach an test the water. Mostly it is danger to go swim in the sea because the  flow of the sea is most of the time rough. But if you like you can go for a walk at the beach. If you scare away the first two beach dealers then you will not be bothered. The north path of the Bentota Beach in Sri Lanka is very clean. At the northernmost tip is a helipad. If you like you can rent there a roundtrip. Also you can rent a hang-glider and flying over the beach. AT the south path from the north path of the Bentota Beach is a big public law. You can go there with your beach mat. You have nothing to pay. There is also a shower.

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Don’t trust the beach boys in Sri Lanka!!

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