Sea Turtle Farm – Turtle farming Sri Lanka

Sea Turtle Fram Sri Lanka
Sea Turtle Fram Sri Lanka

First of all! In Sri Lanka, the turtles are not bred for eating. Turtles are protected! The Sea Turtles are protected under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, also known as the Washington Convention) since 1988.

Trip to the Sea Turtle Farm in Habaraduwa Sri Lanka

Seaturtle-srilanka19The Sea Turtle Farm is on the main road named Matara Road in Habaraduba. If you drive from the Galle direction to Habaraduwa the Sea Turtle Farm is on the right site. You can find the location in Google Maps. The ticket price is 400LKR for one person. The opening hours are from 08:00 A.M. till 06:30 P.M. The stuff from the Turtle Farm is very kind. If you have any question about the Turtles the stuff will be explain everything. There are many concrete basins with many small and big turtles. The basins are split up in age grouping.  There basins with turtles 5 centimeter and turtles with 1 meter length.  In one basin are turtles with physical handicaps, they a lost a leg or can’t see nothing. They turtles are not happy we thinking. The basin is very small for so big turtles. I don’t know.

The people around the Sea Turtle Farm are selling the turtle eggs to the farm. They get good money for the eggs so they don’t eat the eggs. Usually the people find the eggs on the beaches around the Sea Turtle Farm.

Sea Turtle Beach
Sea Turtle Beach

The eggs will be buried in the sand by the stuff in the farm. All eggs get a date marking so the stuff knows when the turtles come out of the eggs and can help the turtle babies. Then the small turtle babies are stay in a water basin until they are about 10 centimeters. If the young turtles are 10 centimeters the will be set out in the sea.

In the world we have seven species of sea turtles. In Sri Lanka are living five species of sea turtles.

In Sri Lanka are many sea turtle farms. Not all of they are working honestly. Some of them are only for tourist attractions. For example they have sea turtle farms where the tourist can buy a young turtle and set out in the sea.

For this Sea Turtle Farms a not important what happen with the turtles the like only the money from the tourists. They don’t feed the young turtles until they have the right age to go in the sea or they feed the young turtles not with turtle food instead with cheap food.

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