Herbal Garden Bentota Sri Lanka

The Herbal Garden Bentota is located directly  on the Galle Road. If your are drive from Colombo to Galle on the right side of Galle Road, exactly Bentota Beach South. These Herbal Garden or herbal gardens are nice to look at. In every village there is now one Herbal Garden.

The entrance is usually free of charge, the one leading the visitor through the garden and the flowers, the herbs and their effect explained, expects at the end of the guide a tip. The herbal garden in Bentota is rather a wilderness and does not seem very well maintained. There is nothing against the visit of a herb garden, on the contrary, it is even very interesting.

Herbal Garden Bentota Sri Lanka
Herbal Garden Bentota Sri Lanka

At the end of the tour, the visitor is taken to the sales area, where everything is neatly piled up. Here, the products are offered for sale, which have been presented before, during the tour through the herb garden. And here starts the bombardment of the visitor, the products are sold completely overpriced.

Herbal Garden Bentota Sri Lanka

The Garden is nice to see but if you buy something you should know you will pay 10 times more then in the supermarket. The best way is to visit the garden and give the guide a small tip guide. Do not pay with the credit card!

You can also have a nice massage in the Herbal Garden for relaxing.

Photos Herbal Garden Bentota Sri Lanka

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