Galle – Galle Fort – Sri Lanka

Galle-Fort-frontGalle Fort is a part of the Galle city. Galle is one of the major cities in Sri Lanka in the southwest of Sri Lanka, about 74 miles from Colombo (capital city of Sri Lanka with the international airport). Many tourists visit the old Galle Fort every day.

How do you get to Galle Fort?

It is very easy because next to the Galle Fort is the Galle Railway station and the Galle main bus terminal. If you go with bus or train to Galle you have only walk about 200 meters to the main entrance in the Galle Fort. If you arrive with bus or train you have only to circle the Galle International Stadium then you stay in the front of the Galle Fort.

Next to Galle is a very nice beach – the Unawatuna Beach!

The first building you can see if you are walking to the Galle fort is the clock tower. The clock tower was built by the Englishman 1883.

The Galle Fort has two entrances and exits. One is in the front of the Galle Fort. You reach this entrance first if you are walking from the bus terminal or train station to the Galle Fort. If you look in the front of the Galle fort left, there is a road along the sea (between sea and Fort). This is the road to the old entrance of the Galle Fort. It’s up to you to choose the entrance. If you take the entrance in the front of the Galle fort you have a Fort map on the left side.

Galle Fort Map
Galle Fort Map

Galle Fort Buildings Map

  1. Old Entrance build by Dutch 1668
  2. Museum Complex – Maritime Archaeology Museum and National Museum (Old Dutch / British Warehouse)
  3. Police DIGs Office (Portuguese Black Fort 1589)
  4. Department of Archaeology – Regional Office (old main guard’s office 1679)
  5. Magistrate’s Court (Old Malay Barracks)
  6. Open Air Theatre
  7. District Court / High Court Complex 1927
  8. Master Attendant’s Bungalow (Old Dutch Mortuary / British Military Hospital)
  9. First Bread Fruit Tree planted in Sri Lanka
  10. Galle Heritage Foundation Office (Old Kachcheri Building / British Hospital)
  11. Police Southern Range Crime Unit (Old Garrison Liabrary / Seamen’s Canteen)
  12. Police Training College (Old Police Barracks)
  13. Bank of Ceylon Regional office (Old Eglinton Hotel)
  14. British Dynamite Store / Dutch Gun powder Magazine 1782
  15. Lighthouse 1939
  16. Sea Bathing Spot
  17. Meera Mosque 1902
  18. Old Mosque
  19. Old Sea View Hotel
  20. Flag Rock (Old Lighthouse / Point de Galle)
  21. Tea Small Holdings Development Authority
  22. Dutch Cannon Mount
  23. Old Dungeon (Dutch)
  24. Rampart Hotel (Old Kaffir Hospital / British Pavilion Hotel)
  25. Sri Sudharmalaya Viharaya (Buddhist Temple) 1889
  26. Lloyd Signal Station Base
  27. Army Camp (Old Gun Powder Mill / British Master Attendants’s Bungalow)
  28. Magistrate’s Bungalow (British Officer’s Quarters)
  29. Gun-Powder Pack House (British Dynamite Store)
  30. Meteorological Office
  31. Provincial Engineering Office
  32. Anthonis Clock Tower 1882
  33. RDA Office (Old Police Inspector’s Quarters)
  34. Playground (Old Gymkhana Club Tennis Court)
  35. New Entrance (British) 1873
  36. People’s Bank – Fort Branch
  37. Bank of Ceylon Fort Branch (Old Ephraum’s Department Store)
  38. All Saints’ College
  39. Methodist Church 1819
  40. Southlands College
  41. YMBA
  42. Telecommunication Maintenance Office
  43. Municipal Market – 1869 (Fort Dutch Cemetery – 1710)
  44. Arabic College
  45. Fort Printers Hotel (British Messengeries Co./Old Mahinda College)
  46. E.Coates Building
  47. Chas P. Hayley’s Building
  48. Galle Fort Hotel (UNESCO 2007 Award of Distinction for Heritage Conservation)
  49. The Grand Church Cemetery Site – Before 1680 (De Groote Kerk Kerkhof)
  50. YWCA (British Oriental Banking Corporation)
  51. Commercial Bank (British Chartered Mercantile Bank)
  52. Anglican Church – 1871
  53. British Queen’s House (Dutch Governor’s Residence – 1686)
  54. Fuel Station
  55. Post Office building (British Commissariat Store, Dutch Administrator’s and Assistant’s quarters)
  56. Galle Library (British Pay-House 1832)
  57. Dutch Reformed Church 1755 (UNESCO 2005 Award of Merit for Heritage Conservation)
  58. Dutch Belfry 1701
  59. Amangalla Hotel (New Oriental Hotel 1864)
  60. National Museum (Old Artillery Soldier’s Store 1686)

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