Colombo Pettah Market

In the suburb of Pettah a part of the Colombo city in Sri Lana is a big market named Pettah Market.

This market is not famous. Not like a Pratunam or Patpong Market in Bangkok Thailand but the Pettah Market is bigger than the Pratunam Market in Bangkok. Probably the tourist doesn’t know this market because it isn’t usually for tourist to stay in Colombo for some days if they are going on holiday in Sri Lanka. The city Colombo hast not the atmosphere like Bangkok or Singapore. The road network is horrible. The whole day only traffic jams. From 7:00 A.M until 7:00 P.M you should avoid Colombo’s roads.

Fort Railway Station Colombo Pettah
Fort Railway Station Colombo Pettah

The Fort Railway Station is in the middle of the Pettah Market area so if you can use the train to go to the Pettah Market in Colombo.

Otherwise in the Pettah area are many cheap and expensive hotels.

When you go to the market area you will take many times if you want to see everything. If you stay for 2 days in this area you have not enough time to see all the shops.

Entrance Pettah Market.

PettahThe main entrance to Pettah Market is the Khan Clock Tower in the middle of a roundabout. The market is sometimes very crowded. If you don’t like crowded area you should avoid the market in the evening. The most of the dealers are Muslims therefore all prices four non Muslims are 200-300% more! You have to drive a hard bargain! All branded articles are fakes! You can buy everything at the Pettah Market! Watches and jewelry, shoes, bags, suitcases, clothes, cell phones, toys, electronics, souvenirs, spices like turmeric, coriander nutmeg or black cumin, etc. You get all the spices for a delicious Sri Lankan curry to cook.

The market is divided into different sections. Section for Men’s Clothing, section for women’s Clothing, section for suitcases, section for watches etc.. For example, if you are looking jeans for men, you should first find the area of those transactions. If you cannot find the right places for the stuff do you need in the market area ask the dealer. Sometimes it is better you use a TukTuk for 50LKR. Some areas far away to each other. For 50LKR you can drive about 1 kilometer by TukTuk. Some dealers are a little bit annoying! Then say clearly “no thanks”. And of course everyone wants to cheat you! So always be careful.

The quality of the imitations is not good to very bad. Especially the fake watches and suitcases are very bad. You have to very carefully check what you are buying.

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