Bentota River Safari

If you stay at the Sri Lanka Bentota / Aluthgama area you should go with a boat at the Bentota River. Be carefully, if you book the safari at the beach within a Sri Lanka beach boy. Probably you will pay more then the double price for the  Bentota River Safari. Usually the boats are near the bridge between Bentota and Aluthgama. If you stay on the bridge, you can see on both sites from the bridge the boats for the  Bentota River Safari. If you know the price from the beach boys, the real price is near the half or less the half. But it is also sometimes not easy to choose the right boat, because some trips are not nice and very short for the same money.

So if you need help to book a good trip, you can contact us, we can arrange a good trip for a local price.

Bentota River Safari10At the bentota river tour you can see very beautiful birds and plants in the mangroves. Probably you will also go to the small crocodiles. But this crocodiles are only for tourists. There are no crocodiles in the Bentota river. Some people say in the Bentota lake are 2 crocodiles. The Bentota lake is behind Dope / part of Bentota. The natural habitats and birds are a nice change to the beach live at the Bentota Beach.

If you do a Bentota Excursions you should also do a boat trip.

The Bentota River Safari takes about 1-3 hours. It’s depend on how far you go on the Bentota River. When you go, you should go early in the morning. Then you can see the most birds an animals.

The Bentota river is the boarder between southern and western Province in Sri Lanka.

Never book a Bentota River Safari within the beach boys! They will cheat you! You will pay more then the double price!

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